The Vision of the FutureNet Club

 FutureNet Club

FutureNet Club changes the lives of thousands of people.

It is the vision of the FutureNet Club to change the lives of millions of people. Unlimited life is the mantra of the FutureNet Club. Unlimited means, to be no more limited by lack of money. Having enough money for the lifestyle one desires is the goal and the aim of the members.

Lydia Bratzke had this wonderful and positive philosophy of FuturNet Club put into words and made a beautiful song out of it. This song about how FutureNet Club changed the life of a young woman became the official FutureNet Club song. Listen to the nice story and how FutureNet Club really changes the the lives of many people.

How does FutureNet Club change lives?

FutureNet Club is perfect for the network marketer who wants to work for the same company a whole life long. FutureNet Club follows trendy businesses that are built and connected to the six core income streams. This results in building your team only once. Every time a new business is introduced, you join that business together with your whole team. How cool is that?

FutureNet Club launches a cryptocurreny!

FutureNet Club starts its next brand-new major business field on January 7, 2018. FutureNet Club will launch its own cryptocurrency, the Futurocoin.

Futuro, digital currency
The brand-new Futurocoin

Futurocoin is a real cryptocurrency with a decentralized blockchain. Those, who own a mining hardware, can participate in the decentralized mining process. However, for granting easy access to the mining process for the general public, they sell mining tokens on the Futuro website. Such tokens give the right for a certain computer time in a mining farm. A mining farm is a number of computers that match the high requirements. Mining is the process that creates new coins. The software of the Futurocoin is fast and therefore we can expect a good ratio between the price of the tokens and the number of resulting coins. It is important to join mining as early as possible as the mining of new coins slows down over time.

Futurocoin has acceptance points all over the world.

Acceptance points are what make a cryptocurreny a real currency. The more acceptance points there are, the more demand for the currency exists. It’s that simple.

Bakery accepts Futurocoin
A bakery accepts Futurocoins.

Right in the beginning in January 2018 there exist already a number of acceptance points. FutureNet is a huge community of more than 2 million members. They get a life long commission on the turnover in Futurocoins when they acquire new accepteance points. We can expect that the number of acceptance points will grow fast and cover all kind of shops, merchants restaurants and services.

About the price trend of the Futurocoin.

With the growing number of acceptance points, more and more people will use the Futurocoin for payments. The increasing number of users will cause a stronger demand of the coin. In contrast to this increasing demand, there will be a limited supply. There will be a maximum of 100 million of coins Once this number is reached, the mining process will be stopped.

Unlike the government’s fiat money which loses value because of a never ending money supply from the money printing press, Futurocoin will gain value and it will be possible to buy for one coin an ever bigger shoppping basket as time goes on. This is a feature of cryptocurrencies inherent in the system.

Futurocoin will massively boost the FutureNet business.

Futurocoin will boost the FutureNet business in several ways. The Futurocoin website is linked to the six FutureNet core income streams. Users will make money on the price increase of their coins, from mining, from acquiring acceptance points and from subscribing new customers and from their buys.

There is nothing like being part of the big launch of the Futurocoin. The ones who already have Futurocoins on January 7, 2018 will profit the most.

How to profit from Futurocoin?

There are two ways to profit from Futurocoin:

♥ 10 Dollar Business

Join FutureNet Club and upgrade for $10 to Member.  On January 7, 2018 buy a token-package for $100 and watch how freshly mined Futurocoins are permanently flowing into your account for  two years. Every minute, there will be new coins added! For the $100 there will be 1,051,200 times fresh Futurocoins added to your account!

♥ Upgrade to Royal

Upgrade to Royal for $1,685 before January 7, 2018 and get a bonus of 50 Futurocoins. Imagine, when the price of the Futurocoin rises  only to 1/10th of the price of a Bitcoin, your 50 Futurocoins will be worth $50,000! Today, the price of a Bitcoin is $10,365.94! Limited supply and huge demand for the Futurocoin will be in an imbalance in the beginning. This imbalance will lead to a massive price increase over time.

It is the right time for joining FutureNet Club now and for profiting from the launch of the Futurocoin! Take your chance!



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