Leased Ad Space Beats Them All!

Leased Ad Space Is True Power-Promotion For $10!

Leased Ad Space is very special in many ways. There is no other place on the whole internet where you get such a lot of powerful web traffic for such a small amount of money! It is traffic that converts! had a promotion running for recruiting new members. The site has published a list showing which advertising sites provided the best conversion rates.

And wow! Leased Ad Space has the top position! One person has registered for every 29 visitors from LAS! LAS is not only extremely inexpensive but provides best results!

If you want to see the whole list, you can register with the link below and read the full list inside the member’s area: (Affiliate-Link).

By the way, SuperchargedSoloAds offers great web traffic at acceptable costs, but not as cheap as LAS.

Who gets great results with Leased Ad Space?

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Are you a blogger who wants to promote a blog? Are you promoting a landing page? Are you promoting your business? Are you promoting your shop?

What ever you promote, Leased Ad Space is a super effective method of driving potential customers to your site.  Pay once $7 and use this huge advertising power for a whole lifetime! 

How does Leased Ad Space work?

At first sight, LAS may look like any other advertising site. However, this is deceptive. Leased Ad Space does not only show your ads to other members of the site, but it drives more and more web traffic to your promoted sites! LAS is a real traffic generator! Join now!

What you buy for a one-time payment of $10:

  • Text ads, 4’000 impressions.
  • Banner ads, 8’000 impressions.
  • Recurring solo emails to the whole members’ base.
  • The solo emails are also published in the Ad Blog. *
  • Daily ad post(s) to the Ad Board. *
  • A public profile page. *
  • A personal blog. *

* = These tools are listed by search engines. The more often you use them, the more webtraffic will be driven to your promoted sites. Over the years, a real traffic-wave will hit your sites.

All payments are in Bitcoin

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While international bank to bank payments last up to four days, Bitcoin-payments are much faster. They are typically executed and confirmed within two hours. Payments in crypto currencies provide more security for both parties of a deal as these type of payments cannot be taken back.

More and more businesses accept Bitcoins as a payment method and it is a good idea for online marketers to get ready for Bitcoin payments.

What you need for payments in Bitcoins

You need two things for being ready for payment transactions in Bitcoins.

  1. You need a Bitcoin wallet.
  2. You need to be registered with a crypto currency exchange.

You get both requirements at BitBay-exchange (Affiliate link).

Please send the exact amount of $7 in Bitcoins and add the correct transaction fees.

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