The race for the world’s leading coin is in full swing.

Which coin will gain acceptance as the world’s first payment coin?

No doubt, Bitcoin is still the leading coin when it comes to capitalization and traded volume, while Ethereum and Ripple boast a higher number of transactions.

With old coins, it takes a long time for a payment transaction to be completed and confirmed. For example, in the case of Bitcoin, processing and confirming takes around two hours. On a supermarket checkout, nobody can wait for two hours until the payment transaction is completed. This is the reason, why supermarkets and stores do not accept Bitcoins.

How will cryptocurrencies develop in the future?

FIAT-money versus cryptocurrencies

The most severe disadvantage of FIAT-money is inflation. Due to the constantly running money press, government money permanently loses value. Therefore, FIAT money is not a suitable medium for saving. Instead of growing, its value is steadily decreasing.

The situation with cryptocurrencies looks quite different. There are currently about 11 Million Bitcoins in circulation. By 2130, there will be a maximum of 21 Million. 100 Million is the upper limit for the Futurocoin and 120 Million for Ethereum. What does that mean for the people who own these cryptocurrencies?

Today, we are in the early days of cryptocurrencies as payment coins. Powerful payment applications are being developed, but currently not available. Once these payment applications are available and widespread around the globe, we can pay with Bitcoins, Futurocoins, Qs, Ethereums and Giracoins in supermarkets, travel offices, and all kinds of shops and stores. Even governments will accept that we pay the taxes in Bitcoins!

Only a few Millions of people are currently owning and using cryptocurrencies. This will change rapidly in the future. Once the payment applications are available, more and more people will use Bitcoins, Futurocoins and Qs. Imagine what will happen to the price of such coins when Billions of people use them daily! The upper limit of the number of coins will induce a fast increase of their value! One Bitcoin worth $100’000 and one Futurocoin worth $15’000 are not a crazy idea, but maybe reality in ten years.

A bakery accepts Futurocoins.

Cryptocurrencies cannot yet fully replace the government’s FIAT money. What is FIAT money? The term “fiat” derives from the Latin expression “fiat Lux” (“let there be light”). FIAT is used in the sense of an order, decree or resolution. Governments create FIAT money out of nothing in the sense of “Let it be money”. FIAT money is money without an inner value, it is only accepted, because the government maintains its value.

Cryptocurrencies are not yet widely accepted by the authorities. The City of Zug, the Swiss “Crypto Valley”, is an exception. They accept Bitcoin and Ether since summer 2016.

As air travel and modern communication is bringing people closer to each other, cryptocurrencies make sense, if they are accepted around the world. Travelling without the need of changing money all the time will be just one benefit of cryptocurrencies.  The two or three leading coins will gain enormously in value in the future.

Air travel 1950. Comparable to the current state of development of cryptocurrencies.

What are the requirements for a future leading cryptocurrency?

  • Transactions processed and confirmed within seconds.
  • Decentralized blockchain.
  • Everybody can participate in mining:
    • Mining with own computer (Knowledge needed)
    • Buying computer time for mining. (Investment needed)
  • A reliable handy-based wallet and payment app is available.
  • A huge community is supporting the coin.
  • A huge network of acceptance places is available.

Right now, many projects are on the way for achieving the above goals before the others. The first coin that matches all of the above criteria will spread around the globe like wildfire and gain value fast. It will make its owners rich. No wonder, these projects are driven forward with enthusiasm and pressure.

The first coin that matches the criteria will spread like wildfire.

What is common to all current projects? They underestimate the complexity of the task. All projects are late compared to the original demanding timeframe.

Presentation of the most important payment coin projects

Initiative Q

Initiative Q is a new project that started in June 2018. They started with the most difficult task: building a huge community for their new coin. They know they only have a chance spreading the coin, when they can rely on a huge community of Millions of fans.

How to make fans? Surely, everyone will be a fan who owns Qs and has an interest in making the Q successful. Currently, they give away many Qs to everybody who joins the community. The bigger the community, the less Qs new members get. So hurry. Today, towards end of August 2018, new members still get 12’000 Qs. It is their plan that Q gains a value equal to one US-Dollar after launch. – Am I giving away $12’000? – Yes, if Q reaches that value of $1 in the future, I am giving you $12’000 right now.

No risk, but a great opportunity to lay the foundation for a future fortune.

Just click the link and join now! It is free and it may be the foundation for future wealth.


Futurocoin is a promising coin with a community of more than 2 Million fans! They started to build the community long before the launch of the Futurocoin. Futurocoin develops fast and it is already traded on seven exchanges and used on some online shops. However, the development of the handy-wallet is delayed and I expect it to be available in early 2019. 

Futurocoin is super-fast! Futurocoin can execute simultaneously up to ten payment transactions and process and confirm them within 4 seconds. Wow! This is turbo-fast and Futurocoin is therefore predestined as a successful payment coin that can be used in any kind of stores, supermarkets and shopping malls!

I recommend joining Futuro Network and buying some mining. Mining is available as of $100 for two years.


Founded in 2016 in Switzerland, the Gira Financial Group AG is striving for a revolution in global currency and merchandise trading. Thanks to certification by the competent Swiss self-regulatory organization (SRO) PolyReg, Zurich, Gira Financial Group AG is recognized as a financial intermediary in Switzerland and authorized to perform their services. Giracoin is probably worldwide the only cryptocurrency company that is controlled in the same way as financial intermediaries like brokers and financial advisers.

There is a lot of activity on the site of Giracoin. Now I do not have a clear view of what is already available and what will be introduced in the near future. It seems to me that Giracoin is close to launch a handy-wallet and acquiring acceptance points.


Did you miss buying cheap Bitcoins in 2009? – Don’t worry. There are great chances now to profit from new coins. It is difficult to guess, which coin will be the leading coin in ten years. However, at least one of these three coins will for sure be among the top five coins in ten years. I invest time and money in all three of them. With Giracoin, I already made a profit of more than 300% and the hype did not yet start.  With Futurocoin, I made 100% profit, and it is still cheap.  As long as its price is below $20, I keep buying additional Futurocoins. Q is a no brainer. It is free to join and I guess that it will be worth more than one US-Dollar in ten years.

Take your chance now or you will cry in ten years.

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